15 Mini-Hustles for Quick Cash (Without Selling Body Parts)

Photo credit @ Chance Agrella

15 Mini-Hustles for Quick Cash

I’ve always been a really avid saver. I started saving for retirement when I was about 11. However, I also am prone to bad decisions and some serious bad luck. So two upside down loans for a job that didn’t pan out and being homeless for over two years left us in a precarious financial position. I have lots of debt, a car that needs over $1,000 in repairs and most recently my emergency savings was drained to $17. And I’m a stay at home parent right now for a pile of reasons.

It’s not all scary financial messes. My husband has a very good job with good benefits that pays weekly. I still have my retirement savings, virtually untouched. We have a very cheap apartment.

But it’s time to build that emergency savings back up, fix that car and tackle that debt. Here’s some of the strategies I’ll be trying. The goal? $1,000 in three months for my emergency savings. That’s $77 a week. Anything additional will go to fixing my car and then snowballing the debt I’ve accumulated.

  1. Part time Job – at just 4 hours/week you can gross $160 a month or more. Get a job with good benefits like Best Buy or Starbucks and you can score free coffee or Christmas discounts on electronics in addition to your paycheck.
  2. Sell extra kitchen gadgets. For me this was my coffee pot (I use my french press instead), the Juicer I hate using so I never use it, the obsolete bread machine I was given and too guilty to get rid of previously, and any extra plates and other serving ware (I have a tote of “party” dishes and then I keep 4 of everything in my cabinet). $40.
  3. Sell old baby stuff. I have a bassinet, old baby clothes, toys, an infant car seat cover and more. $100.
  4. Host a yardsale. For all of the other miscellaneous belongings I’ve gathered and no longer need/desire. $50.
  5. Swagbucks surveys, videos and other promos like coupons. I need to earn 35 points a day to net $10/month.
  6. Homemade dog treats. I did a trial run of this last month and easily profited $15/week.
  7. Sell Magic the Gathering Cards on Ebay. I did this a few years ago and made $2,000 in two months. It’s about time I gave it another swing. $25/month easy.
  8. Rent out my couch to a friend wanting to save some money. $100/month.
  9. Ibotta grocery rebates. Another money-maker I used to do that I can reliably make $10/month for groceries I was going to buy anyways.
  10. Personal Support Worker. I picked up a job as a caretaker at the local disability resources facility. I work 5 hours a week and I can bring my baby. $290/month.
  11. Babysitting for family and friends. $10/week.
  12. Rent out storage space in my house. $30/month.
  13. “Icecream Truck”. Buying bulk icecream and soda from the discount store, setting up with a cooler at the park on weekends and making easy cash. Plus I can bring the baby to the park to play. $25/week.
  14. Sell breast milk. I pump regularly and with proper handling and storage I could make some extra cash and help feed a hungry baby. $100/month.
  15. This blog. $15/month.

At the end of three months I should have $1,000 in my emergency savings, paid for all my car repairs and put an additional $555 against my debt (that will pay off my three smallest debts).

What side hustles have you tried to earn some extra cash?